Stone Lake Center 144 N Columbus St, Sunbury, OH 43074

Day Center Highlights

Springtime & Sunshine

April 5th & 18th! Celebrated with some fun Easter projects & making the most of these warm Spring days each week! These art projects were so fun for everyone to put together! Can’t wait for more sunshine and outdoor adventures!

Striving & Thriving!

March 23rd! Stone Lake Center strives to help our individuals reach their goals & thrive! This week so far we’ve done quilting, counting, life & office skills, singing & dancing, & so much more!

St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St Patty’s Day from Stone Lake Center! We sure know how to celebrate!

Celebrating & Learning Together!

March 4th thru 13th! March sunshine calls for embracing these amazing glimpses of Spring with show n’ tell, corn hole & S’mores! What a fun twist on a classic treat in a delicious cone. Also, one of our Rockstar DSP’s made interactive learning books for our friends at Stone Lake Center & they’ve been a hit! We love seeing our friends learn, grow, & thrive! Thankful for our incredible team members at Stone Lake Center!

Valentine’s Day Festivities!

February 8th & 14th! Happy Valentine’s Day!! We could heart-ly wait to see how these Valentine decorations turned out! We had a delicious pizza party and enjoyed homemade cupcakes! Also, so fun to celebrate a special birthday! We hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s day filled with LOVE!

Taste of Thursday & Puzzle Fun!

February 2nd! Cinnamon Roll Taste of Thursday! Our whole day program smelled delicious today! Today we baked, did puzzles, and one of us got GORGEOUS braids. Happy Thursday!

January Karaoke Rounds 1 & 2!

January 9th & 27th! Kicked off the new year with Karaoke! We love some good music to sing along with at Stone Lake Center & Taste of Thursday sliders were a hit also!

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cheer!

December 20th & 22nd! FELIZ NAVIDAD! We had the best time! The Snow Ball Race was a hit! Feasted on Mexican catering for lunch, delicious treats, a hot cocoa bar, and of course we had a surprise visit from SANTA! Merry Christmas from Stone Lake Center! Wishing everyone an incredible holiday!

Celebrations and Creations!

December 5th & 12th! Celebrated a birthday & created these amazing ornaments, gingerbread cookies, and DANCED! Blown AWAY by these hand-crafted snowflakes and super sized ornaments! The snowflakes are made from re-purposed paper bags. Who knew something so beautiful could come from that?! We are so thankful for our individuals and their talent here at Stone Lake Center and for our incredible DSP’s that work so hard to make it come together each day. Looking forward to all the festivities December has to offer here!